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How we work

Positive and collaborative customer relationships are important to us. We offer a personalised, responsive service and our aim is to excel in customer care.

We know our business. We are an approved contractor for both the CQC national survey programme and the Scottish Government Better Together survey programme. Experts in the field, we use proven approaches and scientifically rigorous methods so that you can be confident you will have reliable and meaningful information about patients’ perspectives on the care they receive.

We focus on excellence. Our operating processes are designed to ensure we work efficiently and effectively so that we can offer a high quality, value for money service to our customers. All of our standard operating processes are  documented and regularly audited and reviewed.Our systems and processes form part of our ISO9001 accreditation.

We are in the people business. Our team members have clear roles and responsibilities and are well trained and supported. Flexible and remote working approaches mean we can be responsive  to both our team members and our customers and minimise our operating costs. Continuous quality improvement and a commitment to customer service is part of everyone’s role.

We offer a ‘start to end’ fully managed survey service

  • Survey design: as well as using standardised National surveys, we work with you to design bespoke surveys that will generate statistically reliable results for services, teams or individuals
  • Fieldwork: from our Head Office in Oxford we run a complete fieldwork service including all printing, packing and postage of covering letters and questionnaires, multi-language information sheets and Freepost return envelopes and receipt of completed questionnaires
  • Helpline: our telephone helpline and telephone interpretation service ensure patients’ queries and requests for language support are responded to effectively and efficiently
  • Data entry and analysis: our trained data analysts provide specialist data entry, coding and analysis service
  • Reporting: we collate your survey results to generate standard and bespoke reports which are ready to use
  • Quality improvement: we will support you to make the most of your survey results so that patients’ perspectives are translated into quality improvements
  • Customer care: throughout your survey programme we provide you with dedicated project management, support and advice

Confidentiality and Information Governance

As we handle confidential personal information (the names and addresses of patients), we are particularly concerned about protecting the information we have and have built systems and processes to make the data we hold as secure as possible.  These include:

  • Physical security measures for our offices – locked doors and access by keypad or swipe card
  • Hardware and software firewalls to protect our computers and servers
  • Encryption of all data held by Patient Perspective
  • Access to computers and servers restricted to valid logins and passwords

We successfully achieved the NHS Information Governance Toolkit in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Statement of Corporate Responsibility

We will behave in accordance with our values, ethically and with integrity, with all our stakeholders in everything we do.

We believe that our strong commitment to our values strengthens our business, our workforce, our relationships with customers, suppliers and partners, and our impact upon the communities where we operate.

We are committed to:

  • demonstrating our values in all our business operations
  • conducting our business ethically and with personal integrity
  • respecting and complying with the law
  • being open and transparent in our business practices
  • being a fair and equal employer
  • protecting the health and safety and wellbeing of our employees
  • safeguarding the environment

Read our Corporate Responsibility Policy here.