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University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust

University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust is one of the largest acute NHS Trusts in England offering a wide range of services from a group of hospitals in the heart of Bristol.

We have been working closely with the Trust since 2011 to support their trust-wide patient experience and involvement programme.


Since 2011, we have been surveying a sample of approximately 1,000 inpatients , 300 parents of children seen as an inpatient and 300 women using maternity services each month . We also carry out 2 large outpatient surveys each year. For each completed survey we analyse multi-choice responses and also carry out thematic analysis and coding of all written comments.

We have also carried out the Friends and Family Test for the Trust, covering inpatients, emergency department, antenatal, labour ward and postnatal ward, postnatal, outpatient and day case areas.


Postal patient experience surveys: Each month the Trust receives raw response data from inpatients,  parents of children who have received care and women using maternity services. Outpatient data is provided twice a year.  Each month the Trust also receives an analysis of the coded comments, identifying the number of comments per theme at Trust level and division levels and reporting on the current month and the year as a whole.

Friends and Family Test (FFT): Each month the Trust receives raw response data for each friends and family card completed for inpatients, maternity, emergency department, outpatients and day cases.  For each ward or department, an A3 laminated poster is produced showing the overall FFT results each month, the percentage of patients that would recommend the service for the month and over time and a listing of all comments received for that month. Posters are displayed on the walls of each ward and department.



For further information on trust-wide programmes or Friends and Family Test, please contact Steve Bruster: