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Postal surveys

We are an approved contractor commissioned by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to run surveys as part of the national patient survey programme in England. These are standard surveys used across the NHS and cover inpatients, outpatients, emergency department, maternity services and young peoples’ services.

We also design and run bespoke surveys for organisations that wish to understand the experiences of patients and their families across the full range of services including community services, mental health services, ambulance services and primary care.

For the majority of our survey work we send questionnaires to patients at home soon after their healthcare experience. Self-completion questionnaires on paper are still the easiest way to respond for most patients.  Patients return the questionnaires to us using a Freepost return envelope.

We provide a telephone helpline and interpretation service to patients who need assistance to complete their surveys.

As the responses are given away from the hospital or clinic setting this encourages an honest assessment of the care provided.

Experience and research has shown that patients are generally happy to complete quite long questionnaires – up to 12 pages – although most of our questionnaires are 4 pages long and include around 40 questions.  We average around an excellent 55% response rate for our postal surveys.

To download a sample postal inpatient survey, click the ‘example questionnaires’  link at the right hand side of this page.