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Quality improvement

There is considerable evidence that patient experience survey results can be a useful driver for quality improvement, that by taking action on feedback from patients, improvements can be made and that these improvements can be reflected in repeat survey results.

It is worth spending dedicated time reviewing your survey results, celebrating your successes, determining priority areas for improvement and planning quality improvement activities that will enable you to turn these results into demonstrable improvement actions. For maximum benefit these should be integrated with your existing quality improvement approaches – for example Productive Care or Safer Care initiatives and service reviews and developments. Engaging frontline clinicians and patients themselves in these initiatives is key to success, and making your plans and changes visible to others helps drive and sustain your improvement efforts.

Thinking about how you feed back your survey results to staff and how you engage them in discussions and planning for improvement is critical. Research by Reeves et al demonstrated that the impact of patient surveys upon improvements can be increased by timely feedback of results, including patients’ written comments in results reports and facilitated, face to face feedback and discussion of results with staff (as opposed to purely distributing written reports). (Reeves, R., West, E. and Barron, D. (2013) Facilitated patient experience feedback can improve nursing care: a pilot study for a phase III cluster randomised controlled trial. BMC Health Services Research 13:259.)

We can work with you to help you understand your survey results, to identify priorities for improvement and to design and facilitate service improvement workshops or other quality improvement initiatives. A dedicated quality improvement facilitator can work alongside local clinical teams or project managers to help you make the most of the feedback you have received and translate this into quality improvements. We can help you build your knowledge and skills in these areas so that you can fully embed your patient experience improvement work in your organisation. We offer:

  • expertise in statistical analysis and reporting – how to report and interpret your results for best effect
  • telephone advice and coaching on service improvement
  • webinars or local training events in survey interpretation and quality improvement
  • help to design and facilitate meetings, workshops and rapid improvement events

Contact us if you would like to discuss any of these options or if there are any other areas of quality improvement we can help you with.