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Bespoke surveys

As well as being an approved contractor providing the standardised CQC national surveys we are also specialists in designing and creating bespoke surveys tailor made to support individual Trusts’ patient experience programmes.

Many Trusts supplement the CQC National Survey programme with a range of bespoke surveys, ensuring they are able to gather feedback on patient perspectives on care across the full range of services they provide. Surveys are carried out monthly or quarterly, providing ongoing feedback and enabling internal benchmarking and trend analysis over time. Bespoke surveys enable Trusts to receive reliable patient feedback on services not currently covered by the CQC National survey programme.

We work with large and small Acute Trusts, Foundation Trusts, Community, Mental Health, Ambulance, Learning Disability and Specialist Trusts as well as other health and social care providers carrying out bespoke surveys of patient groups of all ages.

What we offer:

  • We work with you to design and create bespoke surveys taking into account the different needs of your disparate range of generalist and specialist services, whether large or small, inpatient or community based
  • Survey methods and questionnaire design take into account the specific needs of the surveyed patient group such as those related to age, literacy or housing status, or specific areas of improvement interest for a particular service
  • Sample size can be selected to enable reliable reporting down to individual clinician level
  • We carry out surveys largely by post but can supplement this work with telephone and face to face interviews, focus groups and workshops as required
  • Coding and thematic analysis of patient written comments enhances your understanding of what patients say about your services
  • There is no impact upon your busy staff’s time as the whole survey programme is managed ‘behind the scenes’ by us, and we provide dedicated project management support and advice throughout your survey
  • Surveys can be conducted at Trust/organisation, business unit, department, service, ward, locality, team or individual clinician level – enabling you to fully support internal benchmarking, service development, professional registration and professional practice development initiatives
  • We provide bespoke reports to you that are ’Board presentation ready’, and include benchmarking data, a results dashboard and advice on how to turn your patient experience feedback into service improvements
  • Facilitated feedback to teams can improve the translation of survey results into service improvements

A fully managed, bespoke survey programme can cost as little as £1 per patient surveyed.

To find out more and to discuss how we can help you design and run your own survey programme, contact Steve Bruster: