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Individual clinician surveys

Patient feedback on individual clinicians’ care is becoming an increasingly important and valuable aspect of measuring the quality of care, providing evidence for professional registration and professional practice development and supporting a culture of openness and partnership with patients.

We can gather patient experience data and report on it right down to individual clinician level as well as at team/department/service and Trust levels.

Our clinician level feedback survey gives an independent assessment of each clinician by randomly selected patients using 35 validated survey questions. The results can support individual appraisal and 360 feedback as well as being used for targeted improvement initiatives by team, clinic, site, department or division. The survey is particularly designed for outpatient/clinic settings, where it is most possible to seek direct feedback on an individual clinician’s care.

As the surveys are sent out by post, clinical staff are not involved in carrying out the surveys and patients feel comfortable in giving an honest appraisal. We send out up to 100 surveys per clinician, a follow up reminder to non-respondents, and aim to achieve a 50% response rate, giving statistically reliable results. We provide a fully managed ‘start to end’ service – all the Trust’s Information Department has to do is provide a randomly generated list of patients, and we do the rest.

We will provide individualised clinician reports showing comparisons with colleagues, Trust averages and national benchmarks.

Results can be reported to you in a variety of ways, with different levels of detail, to meet the needs of different groups. For example:

  • Individual clinician graphs showing individual scores, Trust averages and national benchmarks for each question (click here to see a sample)
  • Summary scores and responses per clinician (click here to see a sample personalised individual clinician report)
  • Detailed statistical tables showing patient responses per question
  • Trends for key questions
  • Lists of free text comments about strengths and areas for improvement (including additional coding and thematic analysis of comments if requested)
  • Posters for display in wards and departments aimed at providing feedback to patients (click here to see a sample)
  • Management information to enable clinical leaders to identify variation across speciality, site or department

What sort of things do we ask? Questions include:

  • Did you have enough time to discuss your health or medical problem with the doctor?
  • Did the doctor seem aware of your medical history?
  • Did the doctor explain the reasons for any treatment or action in a way you could understand?
  • Did the doctor listen to what you had to say?
  • If you had important questions to ask the doctor, did you get answers that you could understand?
  • Did you have confidence and trust in the doctor examining and treating you?

As well as questions specifically about the consultation we cover other important topics such as:

  • Waiting times for the appointment
  • The hospital/clinic environment
  • Tests and treatment
  • Information, privacy and involvement
  • Leaving the outpatient department
  • Overall rating of care, including the Friends and Family Test question

Trusts using these surveys with us have shown improved results year on year.

We can commence surveys within 2 weeks of request, with the first set of results being available 4 weeks later, and monthly updates as the response rate increases.

If you would like us to provide this service please contact Steve Bruster: