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York Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Friends and Family Test surveys

Thank you for visiting the website for York Teaching Hospitals Friends and Family Test Surveys. Choose below which service you would like to provide feedback about:


If you have been an Inpatient and would like to complete the survey, please click here:

Inpatient Survey


If you have been an  Outpatient, please click here:

Outpatient Survey


Emergency Department (A&E)

If you have been to the Emergency Department, please click here:

A&E Survey

Community Services

If you have used community services please click here:

Community Services


If you have been given the Antenatal Questionnaire,please click here:

Antenatal Survey

If you have been given the Labour Ward / Birthing Unit Questionnaire,please click here:

Labour Ward / Birthing Unit Survey

If you have been given the Postnatal Community Questionnaire,please click here:

Postnatal Survey

Please note that by clicking on these links the internet provider (IP) address of the computer that you are completing this survey from will be recorded by Patient Perspective Ltd (the company carrying out the survey on behalf of York Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust) and stored for one month. This is for data quality purposes to help ensure that respondents complete the survey only once per hospital stay. The IP address will not be shared with the Trust or any other organisation. If you would prefer not to continue with the on-line survey, you can complete it by telephone by calling 0800 013 2064. Thank you for your time.